Panda Express Website Review & Ratings + Panda Express Coupons
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Panda Express Website Review & Ratings + Panda Express Coupons

Panda Express: Products & Services

Panda Express is a US fast food restaurant chain that specializes in Chinese and East Asian food products. The company has developed a menu that is rich in Mandarin, and Szechuan flavors, which is a departure from many other main stream Chinese delicatessens. Offering Oriental classics like orange chicken, Kung Pao, and Chicken Chow Mein, the chain also offers a multitude of original creations like spicy steak strips, and spicy prawns. Panda Express has also changed the interior atmosphere by initiating an assembly line style service center, that allows customers to choose their own sides and entree's, eliminating the need for a waiting staff. You can view the Panda Express menu, here

Panda Express: Company Background

Panda Express was originally founded in Pasadena, California, in 1973, by father and son team Andrew Cherng, and Tsai Cherng. Tsai Cherng, the father, was tapped to be the master chef at the original location, and was given the freedom to expound on the traditional Chinese meals and recipes. Originally called the "Panda Inn," the pair worked to set the Panda name aside from the many thousands of other Oriental restaurants in Los Angeles County. Panda Express immediately went in a new direction by choosing to expand on flavors that were originally developed off the Chinese mainland. Using bold flavors like those found in Mandarin, and Szechuan dishes, the company soon grew to a chain of restaurants in the surrounding Southern California, area. By the early 1990's, Panda Express was a fully franchised company with over 2,000 locations nationwide, and over 5,000 internationally. In the current market, a new Panda Express opens every hour somewhere n the world. 

Panda Express: Customer Feedback & Reviews

The general overtone of the reviews of Panda Express, are positive. The popular consumer review site, has approximately 300 reviews of different venues all across the United States. While the rating for the customer service, and cleanliness of stores varies by location, the ratings for the food, and quality of food tends to rate in the 3 out of 5 stars range. One of the consumer reviewer’s states: "The only reason they don't get five stars from me is because I don't care for the orange chicken." Another Consumer states: "I eat here regularly and they never let me down." If you interested in reading the full set of reviews at, you can do so, here

Panda Express: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

Panda Express, is not currently accredited by the Better Business Bureau. Any information that the Better Business Bureau has on Panda Express, is available, here. Panda Express, has been the subject of many reports at various media outlets across the country, and maintains their own press and media page on their official website, which can be viewed, here

Panda Express: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

Panda Express's official website has a Google Page Rank of seven out of ten. The website also has an Alexa Page Rank of #97,667. According to, Panda Express's website has a daily viewership of 11,263, and generates an ads revenue of $25,665 monthly. The site also has a total of 1,100 back links to other sites, has been in operation for over sixteen years. If you wish to read the full report, it can be accessed, here.

Panda Express: Social Media Presence

Panda Express, has a large social media presence, and maintains several accounts on the most popular social media sites. The company's Facebook account, which can be viewed, here, has a total of 3,111,159 likes. The Facebook page for Panda Express is also the topic of Facebook conversations over 3,000 times daily. Panda Express uses its Facebook account to offer money saving coupons, and announce free community events. Panda Express, also maintains a Twitter account, which is followed by 7,500 people. Much like the Facebook account, Twitter is used to offer coupons, and announce menu items and events. The Twitter page for Panda Express can be viewed, here

Panda Express: Website Security & Safety

According to a Google Safe Browsing diagnostic test, Panda Express's website is not currently listed as suspicious. The site has been tested several times over the past ninety days and has returned no evidence of suspicious behavior. The site is hosted on one network, which has also been tested and returns no evidence of malicious activity. The site has seven pages, and none have been the source of any outside malicious activity in the last ninety days. If you wish to view the report, it can be accessed, here

Panda Express: Pricing & Packages

Panda Express was developed to be a "fast food" answer to Oriental cuisine, therefore, prices for the purpose of this review are compared against other economy, or fast food style restaurants. Panda Express offers several tiers of food which offer different quantities of appetizers and entrees. The smallest meal offered is a "Kid's Pack," which retails in most locations for $3.99. This is an average price when compared against other fast food restaurants like McDonald's and Burger King, whose kids meals retail for around $4.00. The second step is the #2 meal, which includes one side, and one entree for $5.99. The sides available are rice, or noodles. This again ranks average when compared to value meals at McDonalds and Burger King. The final meal is the Large, and this consists of one side, and three entrees. The price on the large meal is $7.99, which again is average when compared to a "Super-sized" value meal at competing fast food chains. 

Panda Express: Shipping Rates & Policies

There is no shipping available for this product. This is a restaurant chain that delivers onsite food services. 

Panda Express: Payment Methods Accepted

Panda Express, accepts several forms of payment, including: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. The availability of personal checks varies by locations, with most choosing not to accept personal checks. While personal checks are not accepted, they do accept bank and debit cards, and also traveler’s checks. Panda Express does not currently accept payment via Pay Pal, or any other online services.

Panda Express: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

Panda Express has a 100% money back guarantee on any product that does not meet the customer's level of satisfaction. The stipulations of the refund/exchange policy are as follows: in order to qualify for a refund, the uneaten portion of food must be returned to the establishment where purchased within 24 hours, with a valid receipt. Panda Express also reserves the right to try to compensate customers by replacing the product with a new, but equal product. When compared with other restaurants, this refund policy is average. 

Panda Express: Product images & screenshots
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